Unusual Holiday Ideas for an Unforgettable Holiday

Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

Are you going on holiday soon but are bored with the usual holiday spots and activities? Are you thirsty for an adventure and ready to discover new and interesting destinations? If so, you are in the right place. Here, we’ve listed some of the most unusual holiday ideas that you can experience. So, start packing your bags and be prepared for an unforgettable holiday that’s about to unfold:

1. Dance in Cuba’s Underground Club – La Cueva Disco Ayala

When we say underground disco, we literally mean that you dance under the ground, inside a natural cave found in Trinidad, Cuba. At Disco Ayala, daring tourists can party with the locals and dance to the beat of disco hits and marvel at the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites at the same time. The place is an extraordinary spot for partygoers who are tired of the normal disco. Indeed, it’s definitely a memorable way to spend your holiday. Make sure you book your Cuba accommodation in advance, there are lots of touts trying to sell accommodation to tourists, but it is safer to organize it online or via travel agent prior to travelling.

2. Get lost in Papua New Guinea’s jungles and tunnels

Do want to have a jungle adventure and learn a thing or two about history – particularly about the Second World War? In Papua New Guinea, despite it being one of the most undiscovered places in the world, it still hosts some of the most distinctive tourist attractions. In the Jungles of Talasea, you will see relics from World War II such as ships and planes. In Rabaul, you can discover old tunnels built by the Japanese which tells a story of how the war was before. You might also be able to meet some of the tribes of Papua New Guinea.

3. Visit Russia’s Military Disneyland

Russia is certainly an intriguing place to visit. The country is so big and there is so much to do here. It takes quite a bit of planning to make sure you will get to see everything, and also allow plenty of time to get your visa sorted. One of the most unique destinations to visit is the Military Disneyland. Fancy tasting some military rations? Do you want to try using a grenade launcher? Or are you interested in how missiles work? If so, come by this place.

4. Pay your respects at India’s Temples

When it comes to interesting temples which are rich in culture, India is the place to be. One of their famous temples is the Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan. Here, as the people of India worship the Goddess Karni Mata, they adore and pray over the rats that inhabit the area. They even give food and milk for these furry inhabitants as a sign of their undying respect.

5. Swim in the Philippines Enchanted River

Nothing is more magical and clearer than the waters of the Enchanted River. Located in Hinatuan, Mindanao, this saltwater river is 80-feet deep and is said to be miraculous. The locals believe that the river is a dwelling place of fairies and that many fishermen proclaimed to have seen unknown fishes that can’t be caught despite nets being thrown at them. What’s intriguing is that nobody knows where the water even comes from. Many speculate that the river emanates from an underground cave, which is responsible for spitting out the clear water without the dirt and silt.

6. Escape to a lighthouse in Cornwall

Finally, if you don’t want to leave the UK, you can stay in an amazing lighthouse in Cornwall. This will be an incredible experience for holidaymakers looking to make memories, in an amazing location. You’ll have incredible sea views, and it is the perfect place if you want to shut yourself away from the world and relax with the only noises being crashing waves and the occasional seagull. Head down to the sandy bays for long walks on the beach, perfect if you want to take your dog on holiday with you too.


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