Beautiful Remote Locations Around the World to Get Away from It All

When the stresses of life are getting you down, a holiday can be the perfect tonic. Somewhere far away, where your problems will seem small and the only worries you have are how best to spend the days stretching ahead of you. These destinations provide that perfect escapism. You can thank me later!

Renting a coastal cottage in Dorset, the only issue will be that you’ll never want to leave. You will soon slip into a life of coastal walks, country pubs and early nights. You’ll be able to cook your own meals, relax in each other’s company and make the most of your gorgeous surroundings. Feeling a million miles from the rush of the city, this is the perfect chance to turn off your phones, play some card games or simply talk. Bring a stack of books, take long baths, watch movies by candlelight and take the time to indulge yourselves in this escape from real life for a few days.

Mauritius is famed for stretches of pristine white sand, and incredible nature. Guaranteed the strains of life will soon feel very far away. With untouched coral surrounding the island, spend your days snorkelling, or just snoozing on the beach. One of the island’s many resorts will provide the ultimate in Mauritian hospitality, catering to your every need during your stay. Gorgeous sunsets, glamorous cocktails and romantic dinners: this is exactly the getaway you deserve.

To get away from it all, Hvar in Croatia is the perfect escape. Rent a villa on this tiny island and prepare for a week of sun and relaxation. When you’ve explored the myriad beaches on offer, rent a private skipper and head out to the horizon to discover your own untouched corner of the planet. Spending the day on an isolated beach with the picnic you prepared, you will feel like you’re the only people in the world. Croatia is famed for its cuisine, heavy on fresh seafood with an Italian influence, you’ll love the relaxed atmosphere and delicious local wine.

Scenic Scotland is only a train ride away but offers a rugged escape from the stresses of work. In beautiful Oban you can rent a self-catered holiday cottage as a base to explore this stunning part of the world. Your hosts are happy to help organise activities for you and with anything from kayaking to horse riding, fishing to hiking, there is bound to be something to suit every mood. The area has some beautiful hikes and historic castles to explore, with all this fun and activity your stress will surely melt away.

Koh Lanta in Thailand is another island paradise that will help you leave your worries far behind. As soon as you drop your bags in your beach-front bungalow and head down to the sand, you’ll feel the strains of life back home slip away. The island has plenty of waterfalls, caves and nature to explore, but if you’d rather, the beautiful beaches are ideal for whiling away several hours with a good book.

Sometimes we all need a little escape, these destinations are perfect to feel a little further from reality for a while.


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