Prehistoric footprints found in Wales

    Bronze Age footprints © Dr Edith Evans

    Recent storms have uncovered what are believed to be Bronze Age footprints on the south coast of Wales at Port Eynon beach. The discovery was made by Dr Edith Evans from the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, which has been running a volunteer project to monitor the archaeology of the area.

    As the result of sea level changes over time, the sea is eroding a series of prehistoric peat beds along the Welsh coast. The peat bed on Port Eynon beach first became very noticeable in 2009, when tree trunks started to appear. However, over the last few years it has gradually been covered by sand, much of which was then swept away during recent storms, revealing the footprints.

    Dr Evans said, “We know they cannot be modern because, over time, the peat has now become so firm that it is impossible to make an impression on it, but when it was first laid down it would have consisted of a soft mass of vegetation. When the footprints were made, they would have filled up with a deposit of different composition. We assume that the rough seas have washed out this deposit to leave the footprints exposed.”

    Photographs of all five prints have been sent to Liverpool John Moores University to obtain more information.


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