Clouds Hill

    T.E. Lawrence on his motorcycle, part of the photographic collection at Clouds Hill, Dorset- the undistinguished cottage used by T.E. Lawrence as a retreat while serving incognito as Private Shaw in the tank corps in the 1930's.

    Angharad Moran

    ‘I’ve a hut in a wood near camp wherein I spend my spare evenings’ – the words of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, about Clouds Hill.

    This tiny isolated brick and tile cottage in the heart of Dorset was the peaceful retreat of TE Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’). The austere rooms are much as he left them and reflect his complex personality and close links with the Middle East, as detailed in a fascinating exhibition. Because the cottage is much as Lawrence left it, there is no electric light which adds to the authentic experience at the cottage.

    Clouds Hill, King George V Road, Bovington, near Wareham, Dorset BH20 7NQ

    Tel: 01929 405 616


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