A flying visit to Downton

    C18X25 The Double Library, Highclere Castle, home of Lord and Lady Carnarvon, Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK. Photo:Jeff Gilbert

    Forget butlers (yes, even those of the calibre of Carson), footmen and a fleet of luxury cars. Lord and Lady Grantham may have lived the high life at Downton, but never quite so literally as guests of a new tour to the estate, courtesy of The London Helicopter Company.

    Fans of the Sunday-night drama can now whizz from the capital to inspect the estate of the Crawleys, Downton Abbey (otherwise known as Highclere Castle in Berkshire), from above, as they hover over its turrets, surely making luxury day-trippers among the first to ever look down their noses upon the fearsome Dowager Countess.

    The exclusive tours, which are available to just six people at a time, will then return to London, but not before a bird’s eye view tour of Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, the famous bridges over River Thames, London’s financial district, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and The Shard.

    The Crawleys never had it so good.

    www.thelondonhelicopter.com; 020 7887 2626

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