WWF Living Planet Centre

    Exterior of the new headquarters building of WWF-UK, the Living Planet Centre, Woking, Surrey. © Richard Stonehouse / WWF-UK

    Discover more about the work of WWF at their new Living Planet Centre in Woking. Officially opened by Sir David Attenborough, the building has the highest ‘green’ building credentials and features an innovative WWF Experience and Learning Zone where visitors and schoolchildren can discover more about WWF’s global conservation work.


    “As WWF’s new home, the Living Planet Centre allows us to open our doors and invite visitors of all ages in for the first time ever,” said David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF-UK.


    Visitors to the new centre can learn more about the natural world with four interactive, habitat zones focusing on forests, rivers, oceans and wildlife, interwoven with WWF’s work around the world and showing how people are intrinsically linked with the natural world. Each zone evokes the sights, sounds, scents and ambiance of their diverse natural environments, including specially commissioned films and soundtracks. Quotes inspired by nature are etched into the wooden fins forming each structure, and concealed LEDs use light in harmony with the music from hidden feonic speakers to create a unique experience.


    Each habitat has its own story: for Forests, a 24-hour cycle from night to day. The freshwater story is told from ‘micro to macro’ – small droplets to great Rivers. ‘Cold to warm’ is the theme for Marine life, from the arctic to tropical seas. The Wildlife zone brings to life the magnificent diversity of species. ‘Trigger’ buttons in each zone, including some cast in bronze from real features of the natural world, allow visitors to interact with their surroundings. Meanwhile, outside, the ground-level landscaping around the building features a wildlife pond, hedgerow and native plant species.


    Sir David Attenborough commented, “It’s a fantastic eco-building that shows not only how it’s possible to use our planet’s resources wisely, but also helps us all connect with the natural world and brings WWF’s vital work around the globe to life for us, right here and now.”




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