Strawberry Hill House

    Strawberry Hill House. © KILIANÊO'SULLIVAN/HHA

    Vicky Sartain

    Strawberry Hill is Britain’s finest example of Georgian Gothic Revival architecture and interior decoration. It began life in 1698 as a modest house, later transformed into ‘a little Gothic castle’ by Horace Walpole, the son of England’s first Prime Minister. Between 1747 and 1792 Walpole doubled its size, creating extraordinary rooms and adding towers and battlements.

    Strawberry Hill was already a tourist site in its own day and has survived into ours, its rural surroundings gone, but its charm undiminished.

    Following an £8.9 million restoration, the house is now open to the public as an extraordinary fairytale experience.

    Strawberry Hill House, 268 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, London

    Tel: 020 8744 1241


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