Sherlock Holmes Museum

    Baker Street, the home of the famous fictional sleuth

    Thanks to a recent flurry of films and television programmes featuring the fictional sleuth, Sherlock Holmes is currently enjoying something of a resurgence. But then the popularity of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character has never really waned. The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London declares itself to be the official home of Sherlock Holmes and his partner in solving crime, Doctor John H Watson – it’s even got the right address at 221b Baker Street, though it actually lies between numbers 237 and 241.

    Every detail of Sherlock Holmes’ apartment is recreated here to make visitors feel that they really are in the place where he solved all those heinous crimes. Visitors are greeted on the first floor by none other than Dr Watson, who apologises for Sherlock being absent. You can see his pipe collection, a tin of Pall Mall Turkish cigarettes, his violin, deerstalker hat, untidy desk… you get the picture. Upstairs, it’s a bit grimmer, with waxworks depicting scenes from the stories.

    Tel: 0207 224 3688.

    Words: Vicky Sartain


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