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Say bon voyage to lost luggage anxiety with Retreev smart tags

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Whether you’re flying into busy London to see the sights, spending a relaxing week on the coast in Cornwall, or jetting off to the remote Scottish Hebrides, the same concern gnaws at travellers as they leave their luggage at the check-in desk: will I ever see you again?

That niggling anxiety that, somewhere between your departure point and baggage reclaim at your destination, your luggage will go walkabout and with it your holiday clothes or – perhaps worse – souvenirs of two wonderful weeks travelling Britain.

A lost bag is a sure-fi re way to spoil a relaxing trip, but if you’ve tagged your bags with Retreev smart tags you have a strong chance of recovering your belongings. Retreev is a hi-tech evolution of the luggage tag, packed with smart technology to ensure that your bag will always be linked to you. A Retreev smart tag is a far cry from the handwritten luggage tags of the past, and it comes embedded with your very own unique user ID, so none of your personal details are visible.

When someone finds your Retreev-tagged runaway bag, all they need to do is tap their smartphone on the NFC symbol or point their phone camera at the QR code and they’ll be taken to the Retreev website, where they can fi ll in a simple return form and your luggage will be returned to you.

Retreev smart tags are secure, simple, easy to set up, available in a wide range of eye-catching designs (such as the Union Jack design pictured above, perfect for readers of Discover Britain!), and will work when attached to any bag or item.

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Set up your Retreev smart tag

It’s simple to set up your Retreev smart tag: just attach it to your item of luggage like a traditional tag (it’s made of lightweight, hard-wearing plastic), then scan the QR code or tap the NFC symbol with your smartphone or simply head to to enter your contact details and unique ID. Your Retreev tag is now activated for life – there’s no subscription fee to pay.

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