10 amazing facts you never knew about the Queen

    facts you never knew about the queen
    A young Queen Elizabeth II filmed for British Pathé News

    As we pay tribute to the remarkable life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we look back at some pivotal moments in her life and some of the amazing things she achieved

    Words: Millie Sykes

    Her face is ubiquitous, printed on bank notes, stamps and memorabilia across Britain, the Commonwealth and beyond. But how much do you really know about her long and fascinating life? Here are ten facts you never knew about the Queen.

    1, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II acceded the throne on 6 February 1952 which makes her the longest reigning British monarch. 

    2, She is the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee which occurred in 2022.

    facts you never knew about the queen
    The Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and the Duchess of Cambridge appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, on day four of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Credit: PA Images / Alamy

    3, She is the second longest reigning monarch in the world, having been on the throne for 70 years, seven months and two days, second only to Louis XIV of France who became king at the age of four. 

    4, According to Lady Mary Clayton, Her Majesty’s cousin, Elizabeth would pretend to be a horse as a little girl. Throughout her life she remained very passionate about horses and racing. 

    5, Her Majesty got married to Phillip in 1947 and on the day of the wedding she was wearing Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara. Just before she walked down the aisle the crown snapped but the crisis was averted and the piece was quickly mended by jewellers.  

    facts you never knew about the queen
    Royal Collection Trust/All Rights Reserved

    6, Her Majesty spent a long 30 hours in labour when giving birth to her first son, King Charles III. This was the first royal birth that a government minister was not in attendance for to certify the birth. 

    7, Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was the first in history to be broadcast to the public.

    8, Her Majesty recorded a statement that was taken to the moon by Apollo 11 and left on the surface of the moon in an aluminium can. 

    facts you never knew about the queen
    Queen Elizabeth II is seen walking in the private grounds of Windsor Castle on steps at the rear of the East Terrace and East Garden with four of her dogs: clockwise from top left Willow (corgi), Vulcan (dorgie), Candy (dorgie) and Holly (corgi). Credit: © 2016 Annie Leibovitz/ PA Wire

    9, Queen Elizabeth II had more than 30 corgis during her life. They all had individual wicker beds at Buckingham Palace and their own extensive menu of meals. 

    10, She has featured on the currency of 35 different nations. This is the most of any one person and it is featured in the Guinness World Records. 

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