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    Join us as we explore the beautiful Channel Islands, pay tribute to some of Britain’s greatest heroes, get exclusive access behind the scenes at the Goldsmiths’ Company, and uncover the truth behind the real Witchfinder General, Mathew Hopkins

    Welcome to the October/November issue of Discover Britain! This issue, if you’re looking for travel inspiration for 2022, then our Channel Islands special will hopefully whet your appetite. Fringed with beautiful beaches, lapped by clear waters, teeming with wildlife, and rich in history, we uncover some of the Channel Islands’ best-kept secrets.

    We also discuss some of the people who could be considered the greatest British heroes, from the Queen to Mary Seacole. But we want to hear from you about the figures you believe are the great British heroes, who have helped shape our proud nation into what it is today – nominate your British heroes here.

    In an exclusive for Discover Britain, we also got special behind the scenes access at the Goldsmiths’ Company, meeting some of the people who are upholding the traditions of the 700-year-old institution – one of the oldest consumer watchdogs in the world.

    With Halloween not far off, what better time than to indulge in a spooky story or two. This issue we uncover the true story of Mathew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General who wreaked havoc in 17th century East Anglia, sending women to the gallows for supposedly being witches.

    Plus, you could be in with a chance of winning a luxury Cumbrian escape!

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    Also inside the issue:

    • How Henrietta Howard, darling of Georgian society, defied the odds to become one of the most influential women in Georgian Britain
    • To celebrate the release of the sequel to the heart-warming film, The Railway Children, we take a nostalgic journey through Yorkshire

    • The ancient Northumberland village of Warkworth is home to one of the best-preserved Norman castles in Britain

    • As Remembrance Day approaches we visit a charity that helps veterans find work, and meet an everyday hero

    • As The Hobbit celebrates its 85th birthday, we visit Lancashire, where Tolkien’s imagination was sparked

    Cover image: Mont Orgueil Castle is a commanding presence over Jersey’s Gorey harbour. Read more about the Channel Islands’ many historical sites in the new issue.



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