Lundy Island Trips

    Chopper's Crazy Boat Trip


    Promotional feature: Experience on land or sea.


    We can drop you off on the island for at least 6 hours to enjoy the wildlife a pint ‘n’ a bite in the pub, read about the history in the stone building next to the shop and enjoy the great views from the old light.



    Take a boat trip around the island taking in the wildlife and the landscape, plus information on the history and ship wrecks.

    Things to see; Plenty of sea birds ,razorbills, guillemots, puffins, gannets, kittiwakes, shags, cormorants, shearwaters, and all the gulls. Seals are always around, dolphins and whales if your lucky.



    We take you to a small safe cove at the north end of the island called gannets bay, where the young seals hang out. We get you in wetsuits and snorkelling gear, give you a sort talk on how to behave around the seals so not to scare them away, then into the water , there is a rib (boat) nearby to help anyone at anytime.



    All persons must be confident in water

    Children must be with an adult partner.

    We only allow up to 6 persons in the water at anytime.

    Our instructor in the boat will help you in any way


    Lundy Trips Take Up To 10 to 12 Hours and can be Combined


    For bookings and more information contact Chopper: 07816304383 or


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