Learn all about Scottish innovation and history at the National Museum of Scotland

    National Museum of Scotland. Image copyright Trustees National Museums Scotland

    Within this magnificent Victorian building, visitors will be able to discover Scotland’s treasure trove of artefacts.

    National Museum of Scotland. Image by Andrew Lee
    National Museum of Scotland. Image by Andrew Lee

    Thousands of items are on display at this museum, leading visitors on a tour through nature, science and world culture. In the Discoveries gallery look out for the relics of legendary Scots, whose power and influence spread across the country and the globe; their legacy in the innovations that changed how we lived. See Fleming’s Nobel Prize winning discovery of penicillin, the world’s oldest colour TV and specimens collected by Charles Darwin during his HMS Beagle voyage.

    Journey through five billion years of history in the natural worlds galleries – evidence which lies before you in the shape of fallen meteorites, dinosaur bones and curious geological items sourced from all four corners of the Earth. Learn about life in far flung places through the art, design and music that entertains and marks prominent life events in the gallery of world cultures.

    The museum also boasts the UK’s single largest museum installation: Window on the World, a towering four-storey, 18-metre high display of more than 800 objects, from tiny glass sculptures to whale bone scrimshaw and Art Nouveua design, this installation is the piece de resistance of this iconic Scottish landmark.



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