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    From the landmark Anglo-Saxon excavation at Sutton Hoo to the remarkable church building project spurred on by the end of the Napoleonic Wars, this issue highlights some unforgettable moments in British history

    Exploring a place is always more enjoyable with a knowledgeable guide – and there was no one better to show us around Leicestershire’s dramatic Belvoir Castle than the family who own the estate. In this issue Emma, the 11th Duchess of Rutland and her daughter, Lady Violet, share not only the joys of living among such grandeur, but also the challenges involved in their endeavour.

    Elsewhere in the issue, we take a closer look at King Henry VI’s disastrous reign and revisit Sutton Hoo’s infamous medieval haul, as dramatised in Netflix’s new movie, The Dig. Plus, if you’re looking to escape somewhere wild and wonderful from the comfort of your armchair, you can immerse yourself in the otherworldly landscape of Scotland’s Western Isles.

    Also inside the new issue:

    • The story of Queen Elizabeth II’s life in London
    • Discover the capital’s Waterloo Churches
    • Amelia Taylor shares her passion for traditional Morris Dancing
    • Tour Cambridge’s historic bridges
    • Ten grand and unusual trust buildings that you can stay in for the night
    • Explore Burford, the Gateway to the Cotswolds
    • Inside London’s incredible libraries
    • A spotlight on ‘The Season’, an important part of the British social calendar to this day
    • A round-up of Britain’s grandest hotel suites

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