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    From classical composers to the Beatles, discover Britain’s musical heritage in our latest issue – on sale now

    In the new issue of Discover Britain, we explore the rich history and geography of Britain through music. Alexander Larman sings the praises of Britain’s best-loved classical composers, editor Steve Pill takes a look at London’s historic venues and David Atkinson riffs on The Beatles, celebrating 50 years since the Fab Four’s last live performance and recording session via a magical history tour of their home city of Liverpool.



    • Step inside Kind Edward’s castles, the medieval forts that survived Civil War and the Blitz.
    • Journey to the Yorkshire Coast, England’s wild north-eastern frontier.
    • Uncover London’s hidden Tudor gems, it’s forgotten palaces and houses.
    • Learn all about the fascinating rise of Queen Mary and why she became known as the bloody queen.
    • Discover a brief history of time from Big Ben to the Greenwich Meridian.
    • Take a tour of Manchester, the home of suffragettes and Oscar winners.


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    Do you love Britain? Let others know!