Holker Hall and Gardens

    Cascade fountain, Holker Hall and Gardens

    A blend of formal gardens and shady woodland await at Holker Hall with numerous walks revealing a huge variety of plants. Over 50,000 bulbs are planted annually to ensure visitors are greeted with colourful new displays during the spring.

    During a day spent exploring the gardens, visitors can enjoy wandering through the pergolas under a canopy of flowers, their scent drifting down as bees buzz between the blooms. Alternatively, it is possible to while away an afternoon in the shade of the arbours in the sunken garden, admiring the surrounding floral displays. An awe-inspiring attraction is the colossal lime tree which is over 20 metres high, and has been voted one of the Tree Council’s 50 Great British Tress, with its drooping branches providing an enclosed shaded area around its wide, sturdy trunk.

    In addition to the abundant plant life, there are some wonderful water features to be found within the grounds, including the early 19th century limestone cascade, which trickles down to a tranquil fountain area surrounded by rhododendrons that shower the floor with their vibrant pink petals.



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