HMS Belfast

    General View of The HMS Belfast 03/02/2011.

    HMS Belfast shows you what it was like to live and work onboard a warship. Explore its nine decks of seafaring history and hear veterans’ stories from the Second World War and beyond. They will tell you about the convoys in icy Arctic conditions, the bombardment of German defences on D-Day, the 404 days spent patrolling waters during the Korean War, what it was like to live onboard, eating, sleeping and socialising together in cramped messdecks.

    See the bowels of the ship and imagine what it was like to work among the noise and ferocity of its inner workings. Step into the Captain’s shoes and control a fleet of ships off North Borneo from the interactive Operations Room.

    For a unique personal experience, book a private tour with one of the Ship’s Company. The Yeomen are highly qualified members of the team with unparalleled knowledge of HMS Belfast.


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