Cornwall voted county with best views in the UK

    St Ives Bay has ranked No1 of Cornwall's top 10 favourite views, in a recent poll conducted by Photo: Angharad Moran

    A survey conducted by has seen Britons name Cornwall as home to the most popular views in the UK. Following the Daily Mail’s suggestion that holidaymakers considering an August staycation might wish to avoid Cornwall due to the cost, a recent survey from Digital Outdoors shows that more of the nation’s favourite views are in Cornwall than any other county.

    In the survey, a massive 22% of Brits chose a Cornish sight as their favourite view – easily beating both Cumbria (17%) and Devon (12%).

    Malcolm Bell, Head of Tourism at Visit Cornwall, was delighted to hear that the “costly” tag has not deterred UK tourists from visiting, commenting: “This is great news and will prove we have high quality loved accommodation across the range.”

    The most popular Cornish view, across St Ives Bay, was named fifth overall in the survey, but it was the sheer number of beloved coastal locations that pushed Cornwall into the top spot. Some visitors described St Ives as “quite magical” and Tintagel as “absolutely stunning” while others related their attachment to happy childhood memories, “taking my kids to the places I went as a child is priceless”.

    Martin Smith, owner of the website network, said, “With Gwithian’s playful dolphins also making headlines in the last few days, Cornwall’s unmissable views and attractions make accommodation rates a price worth paying.”

    A total 7,240 people responded to the Digital Outdoors survey.

    In response to the open question: “What is your favourite view in the UK? (be specific)”, the top 10 responses were:

    1) White Cliffs of Dover

    2) Lake Windermere

    3) Glen Coe

    4) St Ives Bay

    5) The Isle of Wight Needles

    6) Top of Ben Nevis

    7) Blackpool Tower

    8) St Michael’s Mount

    9) Peak District

    10) Loch Ness

    When responses were grouped by county, the top 10 results were:

    1) Cornwall

    2) Cumbria

    3) Devon

    4) Highlands

    5) London

    6) Dorset

    7) Yorkshire

    8) Isle of Wight

    9) Lancashire

    10) Derbyshire

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