Behind the scenes with The Landmark Trust

    The Landmark Trust's Clavell Tower, Dorset. Built in 1830 its location has captivated many including writers like Hardy and PD James

    The British Isles abound with historic buildings of note. But there are some whose legacy is more extraordinary than others; whose preservation is not carried out simply in the name of their being old, but because of their importance – both architecturally and historically.

    The Egyptian House, Penzance. A rare survivor of a style that was in fashion after Napoleon's campaign in Egypt in 1798
    The Egyptian House, Penzance. A rare survivor of a style that was in fashion after Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt in 1798

    And it is just such buildings that the rescue charity, the Landmark Trust, seeks to save for posterity and for the enjoyment of this generation and those to come. And the enjoyment factor really is key; the Trust’s rescue missions are later made available to rent to holidaying Brits and tourists, keen to inhabit a slice of history.

    Now, thanks to a new Channel 4 show, Restoring Britain’s Landmarks, viewers are being given an insight into how such properties are conserved for the nation, with behind-the-scenes filming following three experts from the Landmark Trust: conservation manager, Alastair Dick-Cleland; furnishing manager, John Evetts; and director and historian, Dr Anna Keay. The latter says: “This is the first time that the Landmark Trust is letting cameras behind the scenes. Viewers will see the extraordinary work it takes to ensure that important buildings at risk in this country are not lost forever.”

    Culloden Tower, Yorkshire Dales, built by John Yorke as a monument to the victory of the Duke of Cumberland's army over Bonnie Prince Charlie near Inverness in 1746.
    Culloden Tower, Yorkshire Dales, built in 1746

    Follow the team to observe the saving of a Georgian villa in Lyme Regis to an unchanged, 550-year-old Welsh farm and dream of the day that you might one day escape to them in the future.

    Restoring Britain’s Landmarks airs weekly on Channel 4, Wednesdays at 8pm


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