Arundel Castle’s festive anniversary

    Arundel Castle, West Sussex

    Vicky Sartain

    On 25 December 1067, while the rest of the country was preparing to celebrate Christmas, Arundel Castle in West Sussex was founded by Roger de Montgomery, declared the first Earl of Arundel.

    Today, the magnificent Castle is the family home of the 18th Duke of Norfolk. The impressive 100ft high Motte was the first part of the Castle to be constructed, intended as a vital lookout and elevated fighting point during the reign of William the Conqueror. The Motte’s views over the River Arun and surrounding waterways have made it a defensive strongpoint throughout the Castle’s history, protecting against invasion threats from France and mainland Europe.

    The Castle was badly damaged during the English Civil War and owes its modern looks to a restoration project in 1900 headed up by 15th Duke of Norfolk.

    Now a Grade I listed building, Arundel Castle is a much beloved landmark and visitor attraction; boasting 40 acres of stunning grounds and gardens alongside the history laden building.

    Castle Manager Bryan McDonald explains: “The castle offers hours of entertainment for history lovers who can experience its 1,000 year past including the unique 14th-century Fitzalan Chapel, Queen Victoria’s bedroom and the Norman Keep.”

    Arundel Castle offers a packed calendar of events including historical interpretations for all ages to enjoy. From Normans and Crusaders, Pirates and Smugglers, a Castle Siege and Europe’s largest Jousting and Medieval Tournament, the Castle truly brings history to life.

    Arundel Castle closed for the winter in November 2013 and will re-open for visitors on 1 April 2014. Further information on the Castle and its 2014 event calendar can be found at


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