A Coin Collector’s Paradise: AH Baldwin & Sons

Whether you’re new to coin collecting or already know exactly what you’re looking for, with more than 150 years worth of experience in the field, AH Baldwin & Sons can help

With a history that dates back to 1872, AH Baldwin & Sons Ltd is one of the largest and longest established numismatic dealers and auction houses in the world. The coins they sell are rare and beautiful items in their own right, but it has always been their story and history that sets them apart from other collectibles. The ‘Prince Elector’ George I Guinea from 1714 (above and below) is one such example.

The ‘Prince Elector’ Guinea marked the passing of the crown to George I (elector of Hanover) following the death of Queen Anne on the 1st August 1714. Prince Elector Guineas have always held a fascinating allure to numismatists of all levels: not only are they a one-year-only issue, they incorporate new titles and throw us headfirst into the grandeur of the coinage of the House of Hanover.

New additions to the coins included phrases such as ‘George, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith’ incorporated into the legend. The other addition, an embossed Hanoverian shield, represents the following: Brunswick (two lions passant, or walking), Luneburg (a lion rampant surrounded by hearts), Westphalia (galloping horse, bottom shield) and the Crown of Charlemagne (the central small crowned panel).

This is just one fine example of the many coins that AH Baldwin & Sons display, value and sell on a daily basis. Over almost 150 years, the Baldwin family has developed an irrefutable reputation from collectors and students of numismatics. That legacy continues in our current generation, who strive to maintain Baldwin’s position as the very best the numismatic world has to offer.

Visit the AH Baldwin & Sons coin room at 399 Strand, or their website, to discover more.



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