Agincourt comes to Arundel

    Mustering for Agincourt

    This year marks 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt. The action, which took place in northern France, marked a major victory for King Henry V in the Hundred Years War; though the French side far outnumbered the English, the latter was stronger, led by their king on the battlefield, while the French King Charles VI abstained from the fight due to ill health.

    As well as being symbolically important, the win was practically significant. France was not only weakened by its defeat; it also enabled Henry to marry the French King’s daughter, making their son, Henry VI, heir to the French throne.

    Fast forward six centuries, and to commemorate the victory, historical reenactment enthusiasts gathered at Arundel Castle, West Sussex, this month for a one-off event to explore the preparations of those who fought in the battle – and the role that Arundel played in history. Helmets off to those victors led by Henry V – and to the dedicated history enthusiasts who marked the occasion with such ceremony.

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