Poldark’s Cornwall: four fabulous locations

    Levant, Cornwall, Poldark
    The surface remains of Levant Mine, near St Just, Cornwall, including stacks and beam engine houses. Credit: National Trust Images/David Noton
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    Poldark delighted viewers with its story of Capt. Ross Poldark, a redcoat who returns to his home in Cornwall after the American Revolutionary War, but the real star of the show was its stunning Cornwall locations. Here we take a look at some of the landscapes

    ynance Cove, Cornwall, Poldark
    A view over Kynance Cove, Cornwall. Credit: National Trust Images/John Millar

    Kynance Cove (National Trust)

    With its pure white sand, turquoise waters and serpentine rock-towers, Kynance Cove is perfect. One of Cornwall’s most famous beaches, it doubles as Poldark’s beloved Nampara. At low tide there are sea caves and islands to explore.

    Location managers couldn’t resist the rich mining heritage of the stretch of west Cornwall coast linking Botallack and Levant. Levant Mine plays the role of the fictional Tressiders Rolling Mill while Owles and Crowns near Botallack stared as Wheal Leisure.

    Porthcurno, Poldark, Cornwall
    Logan Rock and the coastline at Porthcurno bay on the Cornish coast, an AONB, area of outstanding natural beauty. View from the cliffs towards the headland. Waves breaking on shore. Credit: VisitBritain/Joe Cornish


    Described by some as being a paradise. It’s easy to see why the location manager picked it for Nampara Cove. With gorgeous fine soft white sand washed by a sea that turns turquoise in the sun and high cliffs on both sides providing shelter, it’s an oasis of stunning natural beauty. In episode two, Demelza and Ross find themselves walking along Porthcurno in a dream sequence on a spectacular sunny day.

    Gunwalloe, Poldark, Cornwall
    Gunwalloe Church Cove on Lizard peninsular, Cornwall. Credit: National Trust Images/David Sellman

    Gunwalloe (National Trust)

    Gunnwalloe on The Lizard relived its smugglings past when Aidan Turner and a hoard of other cast members and extras descended to film night-time ship wrecking scenes. It’s an attractive sandy cove overlooked by the tiny church of St Wynwallow.

    Cornwall, Levant, Poldark
    The surface remains of Levant Mine, near St Just, Cornwall, including stacks and beam engine houses. Credit: National Trust Images/David Noton

    Levant Mine

    High on the exposed cliffs of the Tin Coast, Levant Mine, also called “the mine under the sea” as more than a mile stretches out under the ocean, plays the fictional role of Tressiders Rolling Mill in Poldark. The restored 1840 beam engine still runs on steam and is the only Cornish beam engine still operating on its original site.


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