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    From the Cinque Ports in the south to the Scottish coast, we discover some little-known destinations that once held huge historical significance.

    The British Isles is a relatively small landmass, about a twelfth the size of the United States, yet it never ceases to amaze us how many new and interesting places there are to discover. In this new issue, we were keen to draw your attention to just a few of these lesser-known delights.

    We kick things off with the Cinque Ports, a confederation of five coastal towns that were key defences in the reign of King Edward I. Aside from Hastings, the ports are unlikely tourist destinations, yet filled with maritime history. Our cover feature looks at Little Moreton Hall, a Tudor manor so rickety that it looks like it might collapse like Buster Keaton’s house at any moment. This issue is full of surprises, showing once more how Britain is full of history, heritage and brilliant stories at every turn.

    Elsewhere there are in-depth guides to Yorkshire’s bohemian Calder Valley and the Angus town of Arbroath, famous for its smoked fish and a 700-year-old declaration of national importance


    • Compare Oxford and Cambridge in the ultimate battle of these historic university towns
    • Celebrate the Lady in the Lamp’s 200th Birthday
    • Explore the ghosts of London’s newspaper industry on Fleet Street
    • Peek inside the former houses of Britain’s Prime Ministers from Churchill to Disraeli
    • Visit Scotland’s “second city” with our guide to Glasgow
    • The London sets of the hit TV series, The Crown, revealed
    • Facts, figures and stories you’ve never heard before about Salisbury Cathedral
    • Spend the night in one of Britain’s most luxurious five-star hotels
    • Win a jam-packed short break in the seaside Cinque Port of Hastings

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    Do you love Britain? Let others know!