King Arthur’s sword Excalibur found?

    The sword, found in Snowdonia National Park, Wales
    The sword, found in Snowdonia National Park, Wales. Credit: National Trust Images
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    A remarkable discovery of an ancient sword by National Trust employees has been made in Snowdonia, Wales. Could it be the sword of King Arthur?

    April Fools! The sword does belong to King Arthur… but the upcoming Guy Ritchie film not the Welsh legend. Did we have you fooled?

    Today, 1 April, National Trust Wales, the guardians of some of Wales’ best-loved castles and houses, announced the extraordinary discovery of a sword, believed to be Excalibur. The sword was discovered by National Trust rangers whilst working on the footpaths near Llyn Ogwen in Snowdonia. After careful cleaning and verification, experts have revealed that the sword dates back to the 6th century and the days of King Arthur.


    Sword, Wales
    The sword was discovered in the mud in Snowdonia National Park, Wales. Credit: National Trust Images

    National Trust Archaeologist, Kathy Laws, said: “Snowdonia is shrouded in myths and legends and there are countless stories about King Arthur. Locally there are claims Excalibur ended up in Llyn Llydaw whilst other legends implicate Llyn Ogwen. We didn’t actually find the sword in the lake, but the proximity and the age of the piece support Llyn Ogwen’s claim to the legend.”

    Snowdonia National Park is a mountainous area long associated with the legends of Wales and the timing of the find could not be more serendipitous as Wales celebrates the Year of Legends this year.

    National Trust Wales have called in Arthurian experts and archaeologists to verify the exact age of the sword and to determine whether the faint embellishments along the hilt match the sword as described in The Mabinogion, the 13th century book that tells 11 medieval Welsh folk tales.

    The National Trust have produced this video to further explain the discovery:

    For now, the sword will be on display at Ogwen Cottage with more information available from National Trust’s rangers base. For more information on National Trust walks, visit National Trust

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